Faulkton Industrial Park Addition

All lots have city water and sewer. Options for sale and lease. Please consider bringing your business to Faulkton, one of the shining stars of South Dakota.

indsutrial park


PO Box 458
Faulkton, SD 57438
Office: (605) 598-3050



The Infrastructure to Attract Industry

Industrial parks are a valuable recruitment tool. But acquiring a large property and establishing the requisite infrastructure to attract companies is a major undertaking, particularly for a rural area.  

The people of Faulkton, South Dakota have long prioritized economic development.

Faulkton had the goal of building an industrial park since the 1980s. The main difficulty was finding a suitable property close to city limits.

A site one mile east of town with a conservation easement was eventually identified, but not before surpassing several hurdles. The Faulkton Area Economic Development Corporation had to go through a 15-month process with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to get the easement released in order to develop the property.

The 32-acre site industrial park east of Faulkton on U.S. Highway 212 was completed a few years ago and has 11 lots.  FAEDC is especially interested in attracting industries and businesses that aren’t currently represented in Faulkton and feels that the industrial park will help promote growth in the town for years to come.